We Make Games!

Roguely is now live on Steam! Play it now!

Fight your way through procedurally generated maps in this fantasy themed pixel art top-down shooter action roguelite with some bullet hell thrown in.

We have a few other projects in the pipeline at the moment and there will be plenty of information on each of them in the future.


We Make Music!

We have been working hard on music for Twitch streamers and YouTubers to use in the background without having to worry about copyright claims and muted VODs. You can find our stream safe playlist on Spotify.

We have also created a collection of fantasy orchestral music that is free to use as the background music for streams and YouTube as well. This collection is also available for purchase to be used in your games!

Along with the orchestral fantasy music pack, we have also released a cyberpunk themed music pack for use in your games.

SQRL Studios Music