Roguely Gameplay

Roguely is a fantasy themed top-down shooter pixel art action roguelite with some bullet hell thrown in. Fight and dodge your way through the randomly generated levels to rescue your friends. Find upgrades along the way and save up arcane fragments for permanent blessings from the gods.

12 Unique Playable Characters - Roguely

12 Playable Characters

Rescue your fellow adventurers to unlock playable characters with unique weapons, stats, and playstyles. Some of the character differences include attack speed, movement speed, weapon damage, projectile size, etc. Some characters even have a weapons that can pierce enemies.

Permanent upgrades at the blessing shop - Roguely

Designed For Replayability

Dying is just the beginning with the permanent blessings shop. Just collect the purple arcane fragments while you play to spend on permanent upgrades to make you stronger. Procedurally generated maps, randomly filled stores / chests, and the different playstyles / feeling of the characters makes for a different experience on each run.

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Orchestral Fantasy Music

11 FULL SONGS + 14 ADDITIONAL TRACKS (versions of some of the songs with ambient backgrounds like birds, rain, etc.)

Orchestral Fantasy Music is a collection of 11 full orchestral songs featuring realistic renaissance / medieval era instrumentation. The collection includes songs for all sorts of moods / scenarios including things like travel, village / town, tavern, combat, etc.

These are full songs, but they were written to allow for looping as well.

You can preview the songs at: Orchestral Fantasy Music YouTube Playlist
One addition from the above playlist - this collection includes a version of 'Temple of the Fallen' without the whisper ambience as well.

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Orchestral Fantasy Music